Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joshua's Vision Gospel Group for May 30

Crooked Creek Baptist welcomes special performing artist Joshua's Vision to worship Sunday morning, May 30.

In the Bible Joshua used music to tear down the walls of Jericho. Joshua's Vision from Alexandria, Indiana wants to continue that idea by encouraging a life-long commitment to Christ.

Joshua’s Vision is Andrea Hughes, Bryan Hughes, and Coy Hutcherson. With a commitment to God’s word first and close vocal harmony second, Joshua's Vision has been thrust in to the core of the gospel music world. heir goal is to help tear down the walls of personal struggle, sadness, and resistance to God’s healing hand. Joshua's Vision believes that a relationship with Christ is the only way to live eternally with our God in heaven. They pray their music reinforces the joy and grace that His Word can bring.

In their short time together, they have been blessed to perform with Gaither Music Friends Woody Wright and Stephen Hill as part of Woody and Friends concerts. They have appeared on stage with such notables as Jim Hill, Triumphant Quartet, and The Blackwoods. Joshua's Vision was also honored to be invited by Gloria Gaither to be a part of the Gaither Fall Festival as a featured performing group in 2009. We continue to be humbled by the doors God has opened as our ministry grows.

Joshua’s Vision performs Christian favorites AND original selections. Their uplifting music is a combination of accompanied and a cappella music. The music of Joshua’s Vision also breaks down the walls of generation gaps. In addition to touching all age groups, this trio has gained a positive reputation for the genuine delivery of God’s message through them.

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