Monday, May 24, 2010


What a beautiful addition to the service the handbells were yesterday at church! While I love to listen to John Logan's organ prelude, it was so wonderful to hear the bells ring through the same time. It certainly set the tone for worship yesterday. I wonder if anyone realizes the ministry that these bells serve? Besides being beautiful to listen to two of our ringers are not members of our church. This means that every time these two visitors join us its an opportunity for us to minister to them, and not just in music. It does not mean that we are recruiting them for church membership (I know at least one of them already has a church home) but we are doing what we can for their Kingdom participation.
And this is important for us and for our ministry. If our primary goal is to build Christ's kingdom then church membership has to be secondary at best. And when we provide opportunities for people to serve through handbells, Vacation Bible School, or other ministries, we boost participation in God's Kingdom.
I am grateful to the leadership of Sylvia Gormley and the rest of the handbell choir for their ministry to our church family and for their ministry that reaches others as well!

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