Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crooked Creek Elementary School

Recently we met with the principal from the elementary school located around the corner from the church about supporting the school as part of our ministry. Together we developed a list of needs/opportunities that interested people could fill at the school:

Volunteer Opportunities at Crooked Creek Elementary

Thank you for looking into the opportunity to volunteer at Crooked Creek. There are many different jobs that can be done to assist our students and staff.

During the School Day:
• Helping in the office
• Assisting in classrooms with clerical jobs (cutting, copying)
• Meeting with small groups of students
• Working on math facts with students
• Reading with students
• Having lunch with students who may need a mentor
• Helping to shelve books in the library
• Help with lunch duty

Supplies to Donate for Community Closet:
• Non perishable food items for meals in a bag
• Hats, mittens, gloves
• Alarm clocks
• School supplies
• New underwear and socks
• New or gently used children’s books
• Children’s shoes for clinic
• Wal-Mart gift cards ($15-$20) for emergency situations

Evening Activities to Assist:
• Chinese New Year Celebration – Feb. 23
• Market Day distribution – monthly
• Math and Science Night – once a year, math and science games and experiments
• Open House dinner in April

If you would like to volunteer/contribute, please contact the church office!