Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

Just a reminder that with most of the schools in our area being on Spring Break there will be no weekly meetings of the Well, Worship Team, or Children's musical rehearsal. We are still meeting on Sunday mornings with education starting at 9:30 and worship at 10:45!

Monday, March 21, 2011


What if our church was more about celebrating people than it was about helping, reaching out, or feeding people's needs?

What if we took the time to sit down and talk to the people that live in the community around our church and listened to them as they shared their desires, hopes, and passions as well as the challenges they face?

What would happen to them if we encouraged them to act on those passions? If we could be a place where people could share their gifts and allow us to celebrate in that sharing?

I believe that we can be this kind of a church. Not a church that passes judgment, looks down upon, or condescends to help the "less fortunate." But a community where grace is freely shared and practiced. Where everyone has value as a part of God's created order and a function in this world. Where the gifts, talents, and resources of EVERYONE would be lifted up and celebrated as they are shared.

What are those gifts you possess right now? What makes you feel so alive that when you do it, you don't want to stop?

What are you good at? Prove it! Share it! Let others celebrate it with you!