Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Continuing Sermon Series

This Sunday, July 31, we move into the second triad of plagues that affect Egypt. Specifically, an invasion of flies come and destroy parts of Egypt that are not directly under God's protection. This means that the land of Goshen, occupied by the Israelites, is spared the invading hordes of pesky and destructive insects. Pharoah temporarily relents but tries to control the exiting Israelites, but to no avail as Moses carefully and artfully outmaneuvers the Egyptian monarch. This is a great series that details extensively God's passion for the Chosen People and the length God will go to to rescue and release these people from the bonds of slavery.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Sermon series

Starting this Sunday we will be studying and thinking about the Exodus story with a specific focus on the plagues that God brought to Egypt as part of the Divine plan to free the descendants of Israel from bondage. From the first plague when the life giving waters of the Nile turn against the Egyptians to the final plague of the death of the firstborns males we will review these plagues as part of God's plans to fulfill a promise made to the patriarchs.