Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clean Up

The restoration contractor has been at the church hard at work already.  We are currently in what they refer to as the clean up phase- the first of three in the repair to the church kitchen.  All the debris from the crash has now been removed from inside the building.  A salvage crew has removed what can be saved from the kitchen where it will be cleaned and stored until the renovation is complete.  Damaged and unusable materials are in the process of being inventoried and discarded.  Cabinets and countertops that were damaged have also been removed in preparation for a structural engineer to begin reviewing the damage to the walls in the kitchen.  We are at this time unsure of when this visit will occur. 

The kitchen at this point is out of commission and will be so until the repairs are completed.  The pitch in meal set for Sunday has been postponed and Fellowship time has been moved this Sunday to the Fireside room.

Thanks for your patience as this process continues. 

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