Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Church Collision

This past Sunday a SUV struck the church building early Sunday morning.  At 8 a.m. police were called to respond to this accident.  There was no driver or passengers in the vehicle when it was discovered.  The collision took place on the north-eastern part of the building, where the kitchen and parlor sit respectively.  The collision punched a hole in the exterior of the building, pushing cinder blocks and the exhaust fan into the kitchen.  There was no one present in the building at the time of the accident and no report of any injuries to anyone.  We do not know the condition of the driver or any passengers in the vehicle.

Police, fire, and other emergency agencies responded to this incident and agreed the building was safe for meetings that day.  We secured a temporary block of the hole and conducted worship services for the day.

We met with our insurance adjustor today who gave us a 2 month estimate on repairing the kitchen and other damage done to the building.  During this time the kitchen will not be accessible to church members for any reason.  Because of this we will postpone our scheduled pitch in and meeting set for Sunday, January 27.  We will release details about a modified re-scheduled event soon.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns for our church family and for your patience and understanding as we adjust to the renovations necessary to restore our building.

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