Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ESL Tutor Training

I wanted to let you know of a Tutor training event for possible ESL (English as Second Language) tutors that is coming up in the month of February.  Indy Reads is sponsoring training on the evenings of February 17,19,24, and 26 from 6-9 p.m.  All 4 of these sessions must be attended.  There is a cost associated with the training of $25.  Crooked Creek Baptist has received a grant to cover the costs for the ESL tutor training.  To receive this benefit you must contact Tom Bartley to coordinate registrations.

The tutor training is the next step for us to offer ESL classes at Crooked Creek Baptist.  Although we plan to target the communities that worship in our building we will be opening these classes for anyone who would like to attend.  Crooked Creek Elementary is also interested in promoting this ministry for us at their school to assist some of the parents of their students.

I know that a few of you have expressed an interest in helping with this next step in our ministry.  I personally view this as an extension of what takes place with our Manna ministry.  Instead of just feeding hungry people, we will be helping them to take care of their own selves.  Improved English opens the door to better and more diverse employment.  It will improve their chance for furthering their own education and that of their children.  It offers a different kind of hope that lasts beyond the temporary feeling of a full stomach provided at Manna.  I believe it is taking the command to "give them something to eat" further along the plan Jesus had when he first issued this command to his disciples.

So if you feel called to help with this ministry, please check your calendars to see if you can make this time work for you.  If not, please let me know and we will look at other ways to get this training made available.  Thanks for your service and for your willingness to be used by God the ministry of Crooked Creek Baptist.

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