Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reasons to be at worship on March 9

Several members have spoken of their excitement to be back in worship (and of the hope that our severe snow/cold weather is at an end for this season) and we wanted to share some extra reasons you might want to join us fore worship this Sunday.

1.  The debut of new Lenten banners at the front of the sanctuary.  They are a beautiful addition to our worship!

2.  Grace Tabernacle Choir- will be joining with us and share some music to open our service!  Their pastor will also share a poem that he has written in the service.

3.  Crooked Creek Baptist's own chancel choir will be singing as well!

This will be a very musical service as we also share in communion, hear a message based on Mark 9, and worship our Loving God!

Hope to see you here this Sunday!

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