Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Church Picnic

I would like to express my thanks for all of the people who worked so hard to make our Church Picnic happen this past Sunday. It truly was a blessed event. Here are some of the thoughts I have taken from this event:

1. It was a chance to catch up with some lapsed members: I had an opportunity to talk with one couple who were long time members but had been uninvolved in church life for some time. It was a chance to connect personally and I saw that I was not the only one to take advantage of this opportunity. It is my hope that with these connections we can find ways to continue to serve families and couples like this.

2. It was great outreach to our community: There were several visitors to our picnic that came from the nearby community. I have had heard some conversations about possibly offering a community meal on Saturday mornings or for lunch and the response from the community seems to add fuel to this movement. There is work we can do right in our own back yard.

3. It was a wonderful time for Fellowship: One of the results from the listening conference was a request for more events such as this. It was wonderful to see people eating together, talking and laughing, and visiting to re-affirm some important connections in our church family.

4. It was a time to practice service: We had so many people show up that we had to set up extra tables and chairs. I noticed this and began to set up a table or two. Before I could finish, so many people joined in I soon found myself without any work to do...

5. It was a great time to experience the Holy Spirit: At one point I stopped and just listened to the general hubbub of the room. There were people talking, laughing, visiting, and caring for one another and it made me think of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Sure, we skipped the tongues of fire, but I believe that God's Spirit was present in this event.

I know I missed tome other great moments that took place. Feel free to share those as well. I am proud to serve as the Pastor of Crooked Creek Baptist Church, alongside so many other ministers of Jesus Christ.


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